Friday, July 5, 2013

Journaling - "Jot" Journal

Much of what we do and create we give away or it slips away. Our thoughts, feelings, creations, celebrations, dreams - everything passes. Most go unrecorded. How can we know and experience our biography; or how will others? The age old question comes to mind: Who am I? Who are we?

Hours become days, days weeks, weeks months, months years. A big blur ensues. How have I changed, become wiser, arrived here or there? How have we? What was I, were we, thinking?

With computers, smart phones, tablets, email, etc. used all day throughout the day, what's missing for me is the hand written. The "put together" piece by piece, word by word journal. A bound, page by turning page thing you touch, hold, pour over, and even mess up. Ah yes, and lots and lots of paper pages! 

I've started a "jot" journal. It's a small Moleskine book, but it's a start. It's really quite plain. Within it there's just enough room for a thought, picture, musing, doodle. A jot that says, here I am at this particular moment. It's very portable and can easily slip inside a pocket, bag or rest bedside. In it I hope the pages will reflect words, things, images, ideas that for one reason or another, move me. Little, hand written, pasted, scribbled "jots" that won't take too much time to do.

I am encouraging and trying to convince my friends to create a "menu" journal. They are both fabulous cooks, love doing it, and invite guests over often to enjoy their good food and company. She has beautiful penmanship - the cursive kind, a library of cookbooks, and many favorite recipes; he has resources to find the best meats, fish, breads, puddings, almost anything from all over the country. My dream for them is to create this incredible log of their menus, events, and invited guests on the paper pages of a journal. This being their biography, together. Mind you, I'm on the hunt for just such a journal for them to fill! Oh, no! Secret's out!

One of my sisters is a music lover. She can play the guitar a little. She loves going to concerts. All kinds of concerts, big venues, small clubs, multi-day festivals, outdoor local gatherings. I'd like her to record what and who she sees and hears, whom she is with. Will she do it? I need to ask if she will - but I may have already! My older sister makes handmade cards. They are beautiful and touching. I keep every single one. I'll look for a lovely box to store them in. Her creativity expressed, sent, and then held by me. 

Another friend has documented her work and family life in pictures. Boxes and boxes of them! She is now converting them all to digital which will preserve them much better. She could easily write reams of comments and tidbits!

What would you like for yourself or others? We are all creative beings. Keep doing it, but record it too; share ourselves with others. Jot it down. Make treasures to be discovered and read 100 years from now. What a thought!

"Everyone is talented, original and has something important to say." - Brenda Ueland

~ Tina

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  1. Touching...and inspirational. Thanks, Tina!