Saturday, February 16, 2013

Out and About - Travels Far and Near

Delhi, India February 2013

Having just returned from Delhi, India I reviewed the pictures I had taken while on a business trip. Now, most of the pictures were more relevant to the job at hand, and not subject to sharing, I therefore ended up with only a choice few - at best. It is very difficult and somewhat frustrating to snap successfully while speeding along in a moving car!

Business trips don't allow for much flexibility. There are time constraints - mostly running out of time; accessibility and lack thereof; respect for persons and their property; and right down to simply just getting caught up in the moment and missing the opportunity to snap a picture. 

By now you know I'm a textile freak and love every kind of cloth, embroidery or trim unique or otherwise. Torn, tattered, faded, it doesn't matter. Perfect? that goes without saying. Imagine my joy and excitement to be able to go to the cradle of where the craft involved in the creation of such beauties originates!

Do I have any pictures? Nooo. However, the images in my head and heart are forever there: the colors, the vibrancy, the details are as infinite as they are possible and real.

Exploring close to home can bring the experience of travel afar as one can get without even realizing it and without venturing much past the neighborhood. Last year Nicole, Lisa and I went to the Long Beach A & C Market. I had Nicole take pictures of this booth for me. I was attracted to its display of color, the prints, and the wonder of where these cloths might have come from. Now I think I know....and I can return to its faraway memory in whatever way it comes, whenever, and wherever it may show up. 

"What I mean by living to one's self is living in the world, as in it, not of it. . . It is to be a silent spectator of the mighty scene of things; . . . to take a thoughtful, anxious interest or curiosity in what is passing in the world, but not to feel the slightest inclination to make or meddle with it." - William Hazlitt

~ Tina

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  1. What an amazing experience that must have been to be able to travel to India. It's one adventure I'm sure you'll never forget. It's no wonder you were so attracted to the booth with the gorgeous textiles. Thanks for sharing.