Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Neighborhood - $5 Book Store

Sometimes when you least expect it you find a little gem. Normally I do not go shoe shopping with my husband. His store of choice is BIG 5. I am not a fan of BIG 5. Walk around there too long and the guilt overwhelms me with the constant reminders of my lack of exercise and toned muscles. But this errand was to include a trip to the nursery. I like nurseries. So off we go.

Well looky here. A book store. $5 or less.Guess where I’m going? I miss going to a book store now that Border’s is gone.

Before I even step in to the store, book number 1 tucked under my arm. $3 Second stop, book #2. $3. This is great! I also found many paperback books for .50 cents. Located at 1157 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA or phone them at 805-584-8979.

Once inside I was greeted by a gal with striking purple hair. I must be attracted to gals with purple hair for Gywnnie B has purple streaked hair as well.

                                                                What’s this? Vintage books! 
Yup, $5 and under. Most were in very good to good condition and I did find some dated back to the 1800’s. I will need to come back for some of these. My time was limited and I still had to peruse home, decorating and craft books.

                                                                      This store had it all. 
Cook Books, Vintage no less

Art and Artist books
Comic books
                                      Huh? JACK POT! SCORE!! RULERS!!! And lots of them.

Now they’re not old so I plan to sand them down and stain them but at .75 cents for a foot and a buck for the yard sticks I took home 18 in total. This half circle is very cool. I know I should have bought all of them, there were probably 30 – 40 left and I thought I had enough until mamiejanes.blogspot.com posted her great idea on yardstick Christmas ornaments. Never say enough. 

This little area has all sorts of treasures. Crates, lamps, statues. Kind of like a tiny antique store within the book store. Very interesting.

So I decided to quickly buy my goodies before my husband sees what I have. It’s less intimidating once in a bag than sitting on the counter all spread out. Called my husband, told him he needs to check out the store (gives me more time to shop too). Ok, I’m almost done. I’ll meet you there, he said. 

                      So I walk around a little more and take a look at this. Book wall art. Very cool!
Looks like something Anthropologie would do. This would be so cool using children’s books with all the colorful pages. So this place has coffee clutches and story times. Comfy sitting and tables for gatherings. They got some great books, cheap. If you’re looking to buy something for Toys for Tots or other gift giving organizations for $10 you can pick up a handful of books. They don't have a web site but they are on facebook. 
Ok so a half hour has passed and still no husband. Better check it out. 
Still trying on shoes!! 

So I had several surprises that day.
1-book store $5 or less
3-book wall art
4-husband out shopping me! I’ll have to work on that one.
5-never made it to the nursery

Reminder: This Saturday is 'Shop Small Business Saturday'. To support small businesses make at least one purchase on Saturday at your favorite small business. I know I'll be making several. And don't forget those Etsy shop wonders too! 

From the gals of Faire Notions we wish everyone and food filled and Happy Thanksgiving!

Cherish Life *Lisa*

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  1. i just happened to come across your blog by chance while looking up "book art" in google! :) This bookstore is the best! Now that Borders is gone, we're here almost every weekend! We bought about 20 books for our daughter this holiday for only about $20!!!